Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Lynn and T 'ang were of Vietnamese extraction; the former being a girl and the latter a boy. Of consanguineous relation, both had become walking companions of mine. When school ended, I usually ambulated with them to their apartment. They did not live too far from Elizabeth. There were two ways to get to their residence. I normally frequented the shortest route. I walked down Coldwater Canyon to Vose. Proceeding up this street, I reached Alcove where I turned left. Advancing further, I came to Barbra Ann Street. Here, I entered an enclosed alleyway. It would lead to my classmates ' neighborhood. I soon came to their place of living. I had taken the inversion of course returning to Coldwater Canyon Apartments. I recall quite vividly those evenings walking back. Prior to turning down Basset St., I could smell the fragrance of gardenia blossoms. Homeowners who were inclined to do so, placed them in front of their homes. The scent emanated through the atmosphere. It never failed to produce a soothing effect on me.

The alleyway on Barbra Ann I often walked alone. However, Lynn and T 'ang had been with me on many occasions. We were constantly confronted with the less desirable side of the city. On the left and right of us stood chain locked fences. Behind these were concrete walls with graffiti sprawled across them. This is quite common in Los Angles. Gangs often claimed their turf by such outward expressions. On the other hand, a particular faction might insult their…

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