Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1319 Words Nov 8th, 2015 6 Pages
White. Everything is white. I feel a dull throbbing in my head. Thud…thud…thud thud. Pain starts to crash over me in tidal waves, one wave after another, slowly building up strength until it becomes unbearable. A scream of agony rings throughout, raising the hairs on my neck. Desperately scanning my surroundings, I foolishly cling to the tiny sliver of hope that there could be another human being in this desolate wasteland, before realizing the voice was my own. I timidly take a step forward, plunging myself deeper into a cloud of fog. I immerse myself in the wisps of water droplets that swirl around me and slowly merge together, forming a scene before my eyes.
Before I can even finish my sentence, two warm hands on the middle of my back thrust me forward. My brain completely shuts down. Fear clouds my vision, darkening the edges of my perception, gloomy clouds ruining what would be a picturesque landscape. My miniature toddler hands squeeze the handlebars for dear life as the bike swerves side to side like a rocking boat caught in a storm. With every swing of the vehicle my body is forcefully jerked, almost toppling over the whole contraption. THINK! What did Daddy say? My eyes shoot straight to my legs. I can feel my legs locked up tighter than a jail cell. I hear my father’s wisdom echo in my head. Pump your legs. Pretend you’re on a swing. I struggle to find my footing on pedals. To my relief, my rainbow converse tennis…

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