Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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On a nice cool summer morning my father came into my room and rumbled the top of my bed to wake me up, as I turned over he spoke softly, saying to get dressed we are going crabbing. I jumped out of my bed running over to my closet and throwing on a shirt and an old pair of shorts. I ran out of my room and banged on my brothers door to wake him up too. As I sprinted down the stairs I almost fell but I was able to keep my balance. My mother asked if I wanted to eat something before we left. I told her I was not hungry with the excitement of going crabbing. In the distance I can hear my dad calling for me that it was time to go. I ran outside and hopped into a gray lifted Ford F250. Shortly after my brother hopped in and off we went.

We drove thirty minutes down the road to the next town called Tuckerton. We pulled up to my Aunt and Uncle 's beach house. It was a small white three bedroom house on the Tuckerton lagoon that my father used to live in when he was a little boy. When my grandparents passed away they left the house to my father and his siblings. My Aunt had a huge attachment to the house so my father and Uncle gave the house to my Aunt.

My father drove to the back of the house and as I got out of the truck you can smell the salt air and hear the seagulls flying in the air, the waves crashing on the sides of the lagoon. As my father and brother unloaded a 10 foot green boat from the truck and put it in the lagoon, I jumped into the bed of the truck and…

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