Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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"Jan--Jae--Jann--wait! I meant--Jill!" Amid our laughter, our names popped from Grandma 's mouth like fireworks exploding on the fourth of July.

Every summer, the "four J 's"--my grandmother 's nickname for her granddaughters--along with my brother, descended on my grandparents ' home to spend the week while my parents traveled with friends.

Half of the four J 's included our cousins who arrived from out-of-town to join in the fun. And to keep Grandma on her toes, two of our four "J" names started with "Jan."

Oh, how we looked forward to this yearly tradition. As a child there was no place I loved more than Monroe, Utah, a tiny, peaceful, town tucked in the middle of nowhere.

Coming from the "big city," I relished their country lifestyle. Grandpa had a massive vegetable garden and a chicken coop where we gathered fresh eggs. One neighbor had horses to pet and ride, and the Morrison family, two doors up, had a cow they actually milked. On the other side of my grandparents ' home, sheep lazily grazed in a lush green field.

Country mornings started early, but we never needed an alarm clock. The luscious aroma of sizzling bacon got us up and moving. We 'd find Grandma huddled over the stove, fresh eggs, bubbling in the frying pan while she flipped fluffy golden pancakes on the griddle. And each morning we giggled at Grandma 's shiny, copper tea kettle as it whistled a cheery "good morning" song, mirroring the joy I felt surrounded by so…

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