Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I walked hastily to class, trying to beat the bell. My eyes are heavy and my head is pounding. I dreaded English. It was my least favorite subject, but this was the last class of the day. Darting around people in the hallway, rushing through the halls I reminded myself “I can’t be late again.” I stepped over the threshold as the bell rang, slumped into my seat, closed my eyes. “This is the last class, I can survive this,”I thought to myself. I let out a heavy sigh and opened my eyes.
“Hello students. Let’s put the desks in a circle. We are having a discussion today.” I cringed. I turned my head to see over my shoulder. I caught a glimpse of my friend Steven just in time to catch him mouthing the words, “This is your last class, you can do it.” I grinned and slowly arose from my desk. I dragged the desk over the fairly recent tiles to the developing circle. I slowly lowered into my seat just in time to hear the voice I considerably dreaded. “Our discussion for today is,” she stated, “what makes someone family.”
I straightened my back. “For once in my life I might not hate English,” I joked to Steven and Channon. They both chuckled. Ms. Hebert glared at me, “Since you have so much to say, why don’t you start the conversation.” I scowled at her with eyes of hatred, “Of course,” I muttered.
“In my opinion, family doesn’t signify blood or relative, family is someone who…” “What do you mean family isn’t blood?” Darius interrupted with a harsh rising tone, “You mean your mom…

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