Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I was thrown into a cell and the guard shut the door with a haunting sense of finality. A voice came from a dark corner of the cell, “So what’d they get you for?” I followed the voice to a man sitting on his cot staring at me. I replied “They think I set off a bomb downtown”. The man hopped off his bed and into the light so I could clearly make out his features. He extended his hand and introduced himself as Carlos. Carlos was a tall, heavily tattooed, jacked Latino man with a surprisingly friendly face. “You didn’t do it did you”? I looked at the first person to question my apparent affinity of blowing people to smithereens and saw my chances of getting out of this mess deteriorate further. “No, of course I didn’t”. He replied “Yeah I thought so, you don’t look like the murdering type”. I decided to take that as a compliment; I was about to ask Carlos what he was in for, but he blurted out “isn’t funny how we’re technically innocent but we’re still stuck in this cell?” I sat quietly and thought about what he had said. I was technically innocent until proven guilty, so why was I being treated like someone who was? I thought jail was for people who were guilty of a crime, not someone who was suspected of committing one (Maxeiner). I responded “Yeah, I thought I was innocent until proven guilty; why am I being treated like a criminal?” Carlos just laughed and said “I’ve had a lot of experience with this so-called presumption of innocence, have you ever heard of civl…

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