Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, and we had done it the day before; little did we know that what was about to happen would end in sutures. It started as a normal summer day with me struggling to keep my eyes open in Driver 's Ed. The smell of rain forest flowers throughout the room, and the sound of Mr. G talking, in the background of the deep daydream I was in. Luckily I had some friends in my class: Marc, Ben, and Leo; we had decided that after the class we would go get some food then go disc golfing at telulah park.
As we started our journey to Telulah we stopped at Jack’s house where him and Tommy were waiting for us. We told them about how we had biked into the Fox River the day before and about how fun it was. Then Marc had what seemed like the greatest idea ever… “We should go off a ramp” he suggested It was perfect Jack had a small ramp that we could use. So after a long time of trying to figure out how to get the ramp to telulah, which is not that far away; Marc, who was in T.A.G class when he was in elementary school, finally came up with an idea on how to get it there. He quickly created a contraption out of some rope we had so we could put it on our back like a backpack.
As we pulled up to the clearing we disassembled the contraption that held the ramp and put the ramp on the dock. We had gotten it hooked down and ready to go; now we just need someone to test it. After a while of debating Ben declared that he would go first. He had done it the day…

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