Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I just thrust my pelvis at her hand and said, “Well the way I see things is I’m playing with your tits and have told you I want to fuck you, so if you want to play with my cock go right ahead.”
I stepped back a bit to let her turn to face me and it didn’t take more than a second for her to be undoing buttons and slipping my zipper down to free my cock.
In a quiet voice Tesa said, “Oh yes that is a nice package and it’s so hard already. I think I would like to let you have your way with me.” She giggled and in a mischievous voice said, “Or maybe when it’s time I will be the one having my way with you... We are definitely going to find some time to set something up so we can get together.”
With her stroking my cock all I could think about was how good her hand felt on my cock. I knew being with her, going all the way and enjoying her charms would be a lot of fun. I told her, “Anytime you can arrange things is OK with me. Damn that stroking you are doing feels pretty good.”
I looked out the window and saw everyone heading for the house, Shit! “We’re going to have to stop. It looks like the four of them are heading back.”
Tesa looked over her shoulder out the window and told me, “To bad, this was getting to be fun… But after thinking a bit I think I have an idea how we can continue to have fun, so for now get your prick back in your shorts and straighten up and I’ll see if I can organize something.”
We both just managed to get organized just before everyone came back in. I…

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