Descriptive Essay - Original Writing Schedule

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Hey sorry Ive been so slow on my updates. I was on vacation and only recently got back and, now im ready to get back on my normal writing schedule again. As some of you have figured out by now Lucy has powers which i have chosen not to reveal yet. Thanks Lena_1999 for helping me with that your the best!

Disclaimer: i dont own Fairy Tail. If I did Lucy would be more than a Celestial Key holder..

Yawn.. I stretched before I slowly opened my eyes and remembered I was in a hotel room in Akane Resort. I looked over and saw my pink haired Dragon slayer sleeping soundlessly. Aww hes so cute when he sleeps.. whoa whoa Lucy stop that thought now. Your with Zeref and hes in love with Lisanna. At least i think he is.. hmm now that I think about it maybe hes not I 'm pretty sure Lisanna is with Bixlow. Well at least I stopped thinking about him. What time is my interview again? Wait oh mavis what am I going to wear! I grabbed my keys.

"Open gate of the iron maiden virgo!" I whisper yelled so I wouldnt wake up Natsu.

"Punishment time Princess?" I looked up at her.

"No I need an outfit for the interview!" She winked at me then poofed away.

Well now thats taking care of let me look at the note again from Jason.

Hey, Lucy so your individual photoshoot and interview is at five p.m. We have all outfits picked out so wear whatever you want to the the studio. this is going to be sooooo cooool! Can 't wait to see ya there!

Okay so it starts at five hmm maybe I should hit the…

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