Persuasive Essay On Unfriendly Competition

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Unfriendly Competition

Survival of the fittest. At least that’s what they told me in biology class sophomore year. The essentials are up for grabs and everyone is after them. With minimal positions to fill in small town high schools weather it be Mr. Popular, the starting point guard, or even the boyfriend of an attractive woman, competition can cause conflicts due to competing with some of your best friends. With only 120 kids attending my high school in small town Wyoming every resource is one dogfight away. Rivalries are apart of everyday life but the scenario is much different when you clash with friends.

A Student 's social standings are in the hands of their peers. When the school year progresses, students have a precise idea where
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Attending such a small high school, many of the athletic programs are made up of the same athletes. I have a variety of friends on each of these teams and the dog eat dog atmosphere hasn 't changed a bit. Friends in the hallway, and enemies on the court. Never have I ever been in such an intense situation with a friend than my sophomore basketball season. Dean, one of my best friends, and I were in a fierce battle for the last spot on the varsity squad to head to regionals. Dean and I have played similar positions in sports throughout our entire lives but this time it meant more. I felt quite confident going into the gym when coach Griffin handed out the last set of guaranteed varsity jerseys. To my surprise, Dean had received the jersey over myself. We did not get in any physical conflicts, but our friendship was not quite the same. We did not converse as much and I always sensed tensions between us until the season was over. Another instance that the small town athletics effected a friendship was during my freshman spring season of golf. This was my first year of golf and I loved it. I caught on to the sport quite quickly and I was in the running to make it to the first tournament. Riley Jones, another one of my friends, had played the fall golf season as well as the spring season. Only five guys could qualify to play in the tournaments, so we had a qualification round on Thursday’s practice. Our scores were close but I pulled out on top and qualified to play the following weekend. I was happy, but I felt bad for Riley. Our conversations were never the same and the astriction between us had intensified. I sensed as though he was mad at me for scoring better. Once the season was over we set our egos behind us a rebuilt our friendship. None of this would have happened if this type of competition wasn’t amidst two

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