Descriptive Essay On Panera Bread

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Customers never saw the whole picture. Sometimes, words fly out of their mouth and they didn’t even realize the magnitude of what they said. I learned to build a wall to block most of that. Their words combined with my tired and cranky body was what made it so harsh. The customers didn’t see that I clocked-in right after I drove to work directly from school. From a school where I took honors classes, where I lead the school newspaper, and participated in many other activities. They didn’t know that between school and work I managed fifteen hour days without a break. Unless you call driving to work for fifteen minutes, a break. I was usually drained by the middle of my shift. I worked at Panera Bread and I was always kept on the register during …show more content…
Walls that pop up out of my control. During a shift one night in the winter, it was dark. The sun will set early in the evening and the lights in the store always had a warm glow. Around the holidays Panera was always bustling. The plastic trays were rushed to the line when they ran low. The silver ware clicked and clanked together, and the dishwasher that night ran back and forth trying to keep up. On top of it all the line never seemed to end. Dinner rushes were twice as large as normal, and customers tended to have less patience. I can still feel my feet burning as I was standing and working on them for hours on end with no break, managing multiple tasks. One man in particular will always be stuck in my mind, and how he treated me after he like many others lost all patience. I called the next customers to my register if they were ready to order. He spat out his regular order like he says it every day. I always felt bad when a customer was in the midst of ordering a meal where I knew the products had run out. Panera bakes their food fresh daily which can make it difficult to predict how much of an item we needed, and if we ran out in the middle of dinner we didn’t have to staff to bake more. He ordered French onion soup and a baguette. Two products we had run out of and had taken off the menu that

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