Descriptive Essay: My Nerd Cave

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My Nerd Cave

My Nerd Cave is my escape from reality, it’s where I go when I want to be alone and relax. I’m usually in my nerd cave in the afternoon after I get home from school or on the weekend when I want to get away from everything. My house is an A-Frame chalet so the walls are very slanted, not to mention my cave is kinda tiny. But hey it works out. The afternoon sunlight filters through the shades at the end of my room. Almost always my cat “kiddy” will follow me upstairs and lay at the end of the bed. I sometimes forget she’s there and when I turn over I accidently kick her or push her off the bed, which I do feel bad about...sometimes. Whenever I’m in my bed without the TV on I always stare at all the pictures plastered on the wall. When I was younger my mother took pictures out of all the calender’s she could find and put them on the walls upstairs, I remember helping her. Later on when I
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Even on the rail down the staircase. What sucks about getting slivers on my floor is that they can get really deep in my skin, making it almost impossible to get out. Kiddy will also jump on me and cuddle with me. She is really attached to me because she follows me everywhere around the house and every time I’m laying down she has to nurse on me then cuddle with me afterwards. Like right now as i’m typing this essay she is waiting for me to go lay down in my room so she can nurse and cuddle with me, she also just used the floor as a scratching post.
Like I said before nearly everything upstairs is old…so it’s bound to smell old. When I walk into my room upstairs without touching it for a few days or so it usually smells like an old book and cat combined. When it starts to stink I light my “Vampire Blood” insense and that smokes me out of the room and I air it out for awhile. And last, the dust smell. Like a mixture of mothballs and old book in a way. It has its own scent if you ask

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