Personal Narrative-The Macho Man

The “Macho” Man
I couldn 't be happier when my father told me the plan he had in mind for us as soon we wake up the next day. I couldn’t sleep when I saw it for the first time and honestly it was too beautiful. It was green with some metallic colors on it and it has some stripes on the handles and black tires. I am talking about my first bicycle that my father gave to me when I was 5 years old. After we woke up, we went to a close park where we always hang out with family and friends and I was ready to ride my bike. I had my gloves, helmet, and kneepads ready if I felt from my bike and sadly this is what happened. Honestly, I blamed a dog that crossed in front of me but it was my lack of experience and that it was my first bike ride ever. As soon my father saw me laying on the floor crying really loud, he extended his arms and hold me while at the same time he told me something that I would remember for a life time: you are okay son just remember that men don’t cry. This last words
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As an illustration, I have an uncle with a beautiful wife and 5 children. When I was a kid, I always saw my uncle’s family as “the perfect family”. They have a huge house with a big yard were we used to play and where we always had our family reunions. Nevertheless, a few years later when I was a teenager, I realized that my uncle had not just one but 2 more families and many lovers. I didn’t understand why my aunt let him to have any relationship my uncle wanted besides their marriage. Now, I know it is a cultural understanding a couple might have and it is kind of “right” for him. We have the right to have any relationship we want just because we are “macho” men. At the end, my uncle’s decisions affected his family in many ways but on the other hand, it is something we see as “normal” in our

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