Descriptive Essay On My First Kiss

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People say that your first kiss is something you will never forget, well I pray that mine will eventually depart from my thoughts. That is because my first kiss was with someone who I loathe, and the kiss was forced upon me.The girl who kissed me was Ariana, a kindergartener who knew too much about being an adult. In kindergarten you learn something daily. Most of it you will soon forget, however, my first kiss will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. My first kiss taught me the unbearable feelings of harassment and violation, and that females are Satan in the flesh.
My mom has always warned me about girls.She said they have “cooties”. I should’ve listened to her sagacious words. That is because for many months several girls in my class
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He attracted more of their attention, so the noose was loosened around my neck. It all changed one fateful day. During dismissal our teacher left the room for a few minutes. I looked toward Ariana and her crew, and they quickly turned their heads away from me. The look on their face told me that something was about to happen. My suspicions proved to be true because soon someone was grabbing onto my right arm, followed by my left, and then my legs. They vigorously held me down on the hard carpet. Then Ariana came and laid over me. She was very musty and breathed heavily on my face. With all of the bodies holding on to me movement was nearly impossible. She kept pecking at me, desperately trying to connect our lips. I frantically jerked my head away from all of her attempts to kiss me. “Someone come hold his head still!” Ariana yelled. Armon came running toward us. Thinking he was there to help me escape, I called out desperately to him. Instead, he held my head down “traitor!” I screamed. There was no way for me to get out of the situation. Ariana leaned in for the final blow. She had just kissed me! Suddenly, one of Ariana’s friends hit me really hard, so I screamed in agony. With my mouth now open, Ariana kissed me again. This time there was something swirling around in my mouth, and it wasn’t my tongue, it was …show more content…
I bit down on her tongue in attempt to stop the violation. “Ow that hurt” she exclaimed. She had just defiled me and was now complaining about getting bitten! Feeling desecrated triggered my fight or flight reflex that caused me to use all my strength to break free and run mortifiably into the halls. I needed to find the water fountain to rinse out the god-awful taste of Ariana’s saliva that lingered in my mouth. Just as the water fountain came into view my oblivious teacher turned the corner and spotted me. “What are you doing out here!” she said. Not wanting to be labeled as a tattletale, I did not tell her of the vicious assault that just took place. As a result, she sent me to the principal’s office for being in the halls without a teacher. The principal called my mom, and she dealt insufferable consequences upon me. Ariana had made me insecure about females, and even wandering the halls all because of her forcing a kiss upon

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