Descriptive Essay On My First House

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My first house
The first house I lived in is the same house I live in now. We have moved to 3 other houses and then we moved back to the house we are in now. the house I red brick with 2 dig window on the front of it. the grass used to be dead, but i planted more grass. there are lots of car parts in the front yard because My brother is a gear head.

are first night we sleep in the house we all slept on the kitchen floor because the rest of the house was getting new carpet. the next day we were able to set up 2 beds in the rooms that got chopped that day. So My parents were in one room and me and My 3 brothers were in the other. it was much more comfortable than the floor. on the third night we all had our own rooms.

the house is really
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she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. she is really big and looks and sounds scary but really she 's just a big teddy bear. she all way want someone to pet her and if you 're not she will let you know. then there is my husky she has 2 different colored eyes that i find so cool. she is really quiet and normally you don 't realize she 's there. then there 's the last dog which is my very own. he is a pitbull. i got him on my 12 birthday and he is the happiest dog you will ever find he is really nice and loves every one.


my best friend is tyson. we met in 7th grade and have been really close since. i can 't really say he my best friend because he is more like a brother to me then a friend. we do everything together. we have another really good friend named josh and he is kinda like a brother to us to. we meet josh in 8th grade and ever since we all have been really good friends.

we all have like 3 moms whatever house we are at that is are mom at the time. i don 't know if the all realize that we call them all mom because that is what we have called them from the first day we met them. i can 't even tell you there real names because i have forgotten them and never cared to know what they were. they have always been mom and that is how it will

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