Descriptive Essay On Mexican Restaurant

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Imagine walking into a Mexican Restaurant with your family and the staff informs you that there is a wait as long as the lines for a roller coaster at Disneyland. Then being seated in a table that has crumbs of food like a buffet of leftover food. They hand you an adult menu but do not offer you a kids menu as if kids had a stomach as big as an adults. After taking your order, your waiter takes a long time to bring you your plate like it 's imported from another country. Then they hand you a steak as raw as a laid egg. Chevys is not that type of restaurant. Chevys is a great Mexican Restaurant because of the ambience, the food and the staff.
Chevys Mexican Restaurant ambience is as amazing as the White House. Outside the restaurant there are
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The color of the walls are as yellow as the sun but in some places you can see some brick as red as a tomatoes. This makes the walls look unique in a way. There are some big windows which allows the natural light to come into the restaurant. Around the Cantina there are some black leather stools as comfortable as pillows. The Cantina 's countertop is from wood and the color is as orange as a tangerine and as light brown as a potato. Near the Cantina there are high black tables with high dark brown wooden chairs as high as the twin towers. In the Cantina area there are about four TV 's hanging from the wall like family portraits. There are also some small colorful lights like the lights from a Christmas tree and about four big star lights hanging from the ceiling. In the family side there are some regular size dark brown wooden chairs with black tables. There are also some regular size tables with a red booth bench around the table like a sofa and a table in a living room. They have light decorations that look like gray vintage tin flowers hanging from the ceiling. On the wall they have some paintings. One of the paintings looks like a man with a Mexican hat, a guitar, and bucket of beers. In …show more content…
The last time that I went with my family was about three weeks ago. I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad with coke as cold as Antarctica. The plate had romaine lettuce as fresh as the air near the beach, red pepper as sweet as cheesecake, cojita cheese as white as clouds, chicken as juicy as mangos, tortilla strips as crunchy as nacho chips, and creamy Caesar dressing ("Menu" Chevys Fresh Mex. Web. 04 Oct. 2016). My sister Nataly recommended me the salad because she had previously ordered it and she enjoyed it. I decided to try it at it was as tasty as the salad from Olive Garden. The thing that I love about the salad is that it got me full. I also loved how the lettuce, pepper, tortilla strips, chicken, and Caesar dressing combined perfectly to get the salad a perfect mouth-watering experience. My sister Nataly decided to order the Mesquite - Grilled Carne Asada & Cheese Enchilada with a cold lemonade sweating after being taken out on a sunny day. The plate had fresh citrus-marinated skirt steak, a cheese enchilada with red sauce and cheese on top like a cupcake with frosting and sprinkles, authentic Mexican rice and beans, sweet Mexican corn like mashed potato, and a soft juicy chicken taco with fresh lettuce, diced tomato and cheese ("Menu" Chevys Fresh Mex. Web. 04 Oct. 2016). She really liked her plate so she decided to bring her leftover food home. The next day I ended up eating her chicken taco which was

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