Descriptive Essay On I Decided To Walk

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I decided to walk today. With a cold breeze like this I’d normally take the bus. I guess the cold air just felt different today. I retreat from the sidewalk to a slightly over grown path; it feels good to get away from the city streets, even if it’s only a couple dozen feet on the other side of a few trees. The path leads to a field. The breeze is cooler here in the openness. I wish I could say it was a warm summer breeze that reminded me of his love, but it 's the city’s cold breath today that does. Maybe I like it that way, or perhaps that 's just what I 've grown used to over the years. I know I’m colder, like him, hiding my feelings as he does, never bothering to talk about what bothers me anymore. It only turns into a fight that one of …show more content…
This short time without him has given me a part of myself back. Parts unappriciacted for years, unused, hiding within me, never revealed for fear of a mocking tone or condescending word. Some songs remind me that we love each other, while others remind me that, even so, we don’t like each other. Did we change too much over time? Compromise after compromise because we loved the other, that we created two new people that just didn’t fit together anymore, or did our personalities change so much we grew further apart as we fell further in love? Maybe I 'd have liked him to have taken out the piercings, fix his hair, wear jeans that weren’t ripped, but those were the thing I loved about his style from the beginning. His care free attitude about his looks, not needing to impress anyone, but it’s amazing how much one chance encounter can change the way you view your own world, or perhaps it 's just the way I view myself, I never seem to know myself well enough to figure those things out, yet, I hardly know anything about you, but I know who you are so

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