Swot Analysis For Rosemary Cafe

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Rosemary Café is a Greek owned restaurant that serves Greek, Mexican and American food. While I was there eating I was greeted and served with great service. I noticed the cost pools involved with Rosemary Café were operating expenses, sales, customers and labor.
Rosemary Café is a Greek owned family restaurant. When I first walked into Rosemary Café I immediately saw a hostess standing behind a cash register counter with a huge display of desserts. There were cinnamon rolls, baklava, Greek custard, carrot cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake and tiramisu. They all looked amazing and do delicious! The hostess greeted me and asked me how many people there were going to be. I went to eat by myself and she walked me down an isle with booths on both
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You need a building and electricity in order to serve your customers and make their food and drinks. Rent is usually a fixed cost, this price will not change month to month. The sales come from having a menu set up with your products. This will include the menu and menu prices. You make your prices by how much it costs you to get the product (food, drinks and desserts) and how much you need to accurately run your business and eventually have a profit. Sales are a variable cost; your output level varies on how busy your restaurant/business is. The customers can affect your business by how many customers you have and if they are satisfied with your product. If someone doesn’t like the way their food was cooked they will send it back and this will become food waste. You make no money on food waste and therefore that is a loss. Customers are a variable cost because they vary; you do not have a set amount of customers’ everyday. The labor involved in running a restaurant is your employees the cooks, servers, bus boys and hostesses. This is a fixed cost because most employees are paid an hourly wage/salary; however the amount of time they work varies on how busy your restaurant is. I was very satisfied with the customer service Rosemary Café gave me! My drinks and food came with in a reasonable time and my waitress was great. The main cost pools I found in Rosemary Café were the operating expenses, sales, customers and labor. All cost pools are important for your business to be efficient and run your business properly, they all play an important

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