Moka Joe's Case Study

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An interesting fact about the coffee shops here in Jacksonville, North Carolina, is that we have had several privately owned establishments long before the big named Starbucks franchise came into town. Maybe it 's because Jacksonville, North Carolina is such an small town, the residents here are comfortable enjoying their coffee in a cozy, down to earth environment. Although we have since been invaded by two Starbucks coffee shops (within less than a block of each other), we still hold true to the smaller, locally owned café 's. Big franchises just can 't compare to the friendliness of a family owned and operated business. Moka Joe 's is such a place. Located away from the heavy traffic, Moka Joe 's is nestled in a small strip mall. The coffee …show more content…
And not every "best place in town" slaps you with a cover charge higher than your car payment. Here are some tried and true down to earth diners in the Greater Los Angeles and Hollywood area that are sure to please. 1. The 101 Coffee Shop, located at 6145 Franklin ave, Hollywood Ca, 90028 Telephone: (323)467-1175 Open Daily 7 to 3am With it 's funky retro styling, right out the 1960 's, you get the feeling that the world is a simple and safe place again. The menu is a perfect match for me with tofu and soy deliciously whipped into sumptous meals. For a perfect vegan breakfast , try the "Ranchero No Huevos" made with tofu, black beans, soy and rice. At only $7.95, you can 't beat that. Besides vegetarian dishes, there 's plenty for carnivores, too.Try the steak and eggs or Smoked Salmon Scramble for a big and hearty meal. Topped it off with a tall cappuccino, and you 're all set for the day. The rest of the menu is chock full of American favorites like burgers, clubs, pasta and sandwiches, all well under $10.00. And no greasy spoon here, the 101 Coffee Shop is owned by famed chef Brandon Boudet and brings us such treats as Cajun Catfish and Eggs and Grilled Portebello and Spinach Salad with change back on a ten. 2. King 's Road Cafe, located at 8361 Beverly blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90048 Telephone: (323)655-9044 Open Mon-Sat 7:30-10:00, Sun 7:30-7:00 …show more content…
There are some extraordinarily good coffee shops in this beautiful city. To prevent losing any tourists to exhaustion or coffee deprivation, I will kindly detail some of the best coffee shops in this great town on the river. First of all, you should not be not be frequenting a Starbucks on vacation, since you should check out the local coffee shops instead. However, if Starbucks is a must- a physical need, the best Starbucks with the cleanest facilities and best service is located at 7804 Abercorn Street. It is a huge building, so it is nearly impossible to miss. Next, the best coffee shop I have found in Savannah so far: The Gallery Espresso. This coffee shop is located on Chippewa Square at 234 Bull Street, and Chippewa Square is the famous bench square from Forrest Gump. The coffee shop has wi-fi access for customers and a rich blend of coffees for a decent price. The coffee shop caters mostly to customers that like coffee instead of customers that like a little coffee with their cream. However, if real coffee is suitable, this beautiful establishment is here to please. The atmosphere also tends to select for adult coffee drinkers, rather than college rowdy college students. For more information, visit Metro Coffee House at 402 Martin Luther King Boulevard is surrounding by SCAD (Savannah College of

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