Descriptive Essay On Arizona State Museum

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Arizona State Museum. Today, for the first trip, I have chosen to visit Arizona State Museum, since it is convenient for me to walk for few minutes to invigorate my brain. It is a big building with post modern architecture design, having plenty of showings about the civilization and lifestyle of Arizona region. Before entering the museum, I expected learning about the many cultures and types of ethnic groups that lived and represented the Sonoran region throughout the centuries. As I entered to the museum, it was peaceful and empty, so that I could focus easily for the exhibits co-relating to the topic of our class. Every room depicted and explained about different cultures, …show more content…
Also, I felt quite fascinating about the tradition and way of living of this group. The people of Tohono O’odham adapted successfully in harsh climate of the dry desert. They were adept at using the surroundings of the desert for their household and food. It was stated at the display of the museum, “To the Tohono O’odham, the Sonoran Desert was a place of beauty and life. They knew how to use the changing desert resources.” They migrated from winter villages near stable springs and to Rancherias in summer. It was convenient to reside along the river, since most of the plants and animals were attracted to the water. Also, the hunting and gathering of the clan became easier. During the hot summer, the O’odham people moved to the Arroyos and planted the corn, beans and squash. Even tough, they consumed the plants and water for the household, the inhabitants showed the gratitude to the nature by singing, dancing and conducting the grand ceremonies. The ancestors used to dance and sing before the hunting for the bounty and when it is arid, they chant for the

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