Descriptive Essay On A Winter Night

Endless winter night

One day in January, in the dark hours of the evening, my brother and I decided to go quading on the cold road. Quading in the snow is always the funnest. The best adventures happen when everything is dark around. We don 't know what 's around us whatsoever.
Walking outside on the cold dark planet, we slowly walked to the shed where our quad was sitting. We opened the door and the aroma of gas came our way. "Of course it smells like gas here" he said. "Well of course, this is the shed", I told him. The shed is full of gas powered machines and gas tanks.

When I turned the key, the motor broke the beautiful silence of winter. I don 't even know if we should be doing this because it is illegal to ride in a neighborhood. Hop on brother! Vroom, vroom.
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He said, "nothing will ruin our night". We both went on with riding our quads up and down the hill. One time, as we were going down the hill, white car lights appeared over the hill. "How strange it is to have one car drive up the hill after three hours of fun", I thought to myself.
The snow is falling heavier this time. About one foot is snow is now covering the frozen ground. "How can a car drive in this snow depth?", asked my brother. I told him that it 's probably a truck because only those can battle through snow. His body clenched together because he remember about the phone call. "Is it him?", my brother yelled.

Drifting toward us was a blue truck. My brother hopped in the back seat of the quad and we flew low down the hill. We didn 't want to look back but we just felt the truck was following. We saw the lights reflecting off of the snow falling in front of us. I pushed the throttle more but the quad was riding top speed. There is no way we could go faster. I turned into our neighborhood and climbed up the hill that lead to our driveway. Behind us we heard a loud squeal from the trucks tires friction on the

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