Descriptive Essay On A Potato

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When I started to look at a potato on the table before me, it looked just a long, dirty, muddy, ugly brown stuff. I liked to eat potatoes: potato salad, French fries, German fries, mashed potatoes, potato soup, and a variety of potato meals. My favorite roommate told me that she would make potato soup with the potato I was looking at after writing this paper, but I had no idea when it was. Keeping on looking at its dirty skin, I found that it was shaped not like an ellipse but like a bell. The end of the bell was sharply thin. Having the end by the hand, and swinging it from side to side, I was slightly surprised that it was a little heavier than I had expected for my small hand. Of course, I could not hear any sound of a bell, so put it on …show more content…
At that time, a bell turned into a seal. It lied on its stomach, stretched out invisible legs, and was sleeping with its eyes closed. The skin had seven slashes, more than twelve spots, and some wrinkles. Then I turned the potato inside out, and I was shocked to see the other side to be dirtier than the one! There were five more than one centimeter across as big as dark spots on the surface. The whole surface 's color is similar to the Wendy 's ChocolateFrosty color. I stroked the surface by my left fingers. The texture was a little rough, and it would have be smoother if mud had stuck on …show more content…
Which was heavier, a baseball or my potato? I did not know it because I had had a baseball only a couple times when I was a elementary school student. Gave up finding something new, I put it on the table on the table. Then the stupid potato sat down at a different angle a while ago! I tuned it over, and saw a lump 2 centimeters in diameter at the center of the surface! "Why did not I notice the easy-to-find lump" At the time, I thought my potato might offer me more features if I kept on searching for them. Suddenly, I came to like the potato.
My lovely potato never talked to me anymore. I wanted to give everything up in despair. However, I noticed that it was the time to smell it. After strong mud 's smell, I felt weak typical potato 's smell. The smell had been better, like French fries ' smell, a couple days ago in my memory. I did not know that potatoes ' smell were subject to change like that until then. I smelled it again. As I had expected, nasty mud 's smell, I hate mud, is the strongest. The potato was no longer lovely because it annoyed

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