Descriptive Essay - Not Lonely

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Not Lonely
It’s late at night, fifty degrees outside. The sharp, crisp air attacks my face while I walk. My hands slowly lose their sense of touch with every passing minute. The only thing I can see is my breath, offset by the dimly lit lights on the cold, gray cement. The only thing I can feel is the heat generated by my sweat as I tread up the steep hill, but that is all I feel.
At least, all I feel physically. On the inside, there is a lot going through my mind. I grab my keys and head out the door with no intention of doing anything but walking around aimlessly. There is never a set destination in mind.
I think about how alone I am at this very moment. There are no people within eyesight, no phone notifications, nothing. It is just me and the outside world. The thing is, even though I am alone, I do not feel lonely. To me, being alone and being lonely are two separate things. You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely; similarly, you can be alone and feel at peace with the comfort of your own thoughts. It took me a long time to differentiate the two. Previously in my mind, these two words were synonymous.
In high school, there was a rather large group of nine people I associated myself with. The more I was around them, the lonelier I felt. Day in and day out, all they did was gossip about others.
“Ew, did you hear about them? I don’t even know him, but why did she choose to go out with him, of all people? She could do way better.”
“Hey, did you see her…

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