Descriptive Essay : My Letter

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read your Foreword. I found it difficult reading for reasons I will say in a moment. But when I came to this passage, my heart was stunned, I smiled in the joy of immediate knowing, and I found myself agreeing. Only later did I figure out why I agreed:

"This overpowering feeling, impossible to describe even to this day, came as I was, once more, seeking answers to the many questions bewildering me. These questions were sincere, humble, and similar in a way to the child attitude towards his parents. The love I felt at that moment (perceived by my mind as objective as any material phenomena) was so overpowering, so present and real, that it transformed entirely my perception and definition of my materialistic life. I realized for the first time that the truth of any argument (the words spoken) is not in the argument itself (the words, which may be false), but in the experience of the living individual claiming to know what he or she is trying to explain. That day, some 40 years ago, something new entered my heart and brought to my mind a level of consciousness impossible to neither define nor explain. I swung in an instant from the skeptic or agnostic materialist that I was, to an undefined religionists not affiliated to, but willing participant in, any social religions. I understood for the first time what Jesus said in His statement: 'Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born again. '”
This passage should come before anything else in your…

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