Descriptive Essay: My Home

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My Home Suva, Fiji Islands was my birthplace, I’ve lived there half my life. Being a dot on a globe, two separate islands on a map, and a small population, Fiji is surrounded with grains of sand and salty water. The beach was my playground. Precious memories were left behind when I had to move to a different country with my family, but the beach was a place never to be forgotten. The beach is my home where I explored, learned, and relaxed; it swept up my childhood to the shores as each tide pushes up. My trips to the seashores reminded me of being home. I remember packing for a picnic on the second day of January 2003. It was a family BBQ for a New Years celebration that year. This is something we do every year. My family always goes …show more content…
Little boulder like hills were resting on each side of the entrance to the beach blocking the clear view of the wide blue ocean. Before anyone could settle down and set up anything, I remember rolling into the soft, white grain-like sand which shimmered in the afternoon sun. Concentrating hard to structure my waterless sand castle, I heard a low rumble headed towards me, as I turn

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