Descriptive Essay - My First I Chose The Worlds Way

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Who would have ever thought in a million years that I, Bridgett Fifer would be speaking to people about the goodness of God? Although I was raised in the church, I did not always comply with the rules and regulations of the church or listen to God. God has a way of using our adversities and life experiences to bring us back to him. We are given the choice; choose you this day whom you will serve. For many years I chose the worlds way. It wasn’t until I had a Job experience that I found myself facing the decision to follow God.
As I reflect over my life I kept hearing the scripture that says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. If you read my first book called Transcend to Legacy: Facing myself, you learned that I am the first born, the first granddaughter on both sides and the first to complete college out of my two siblings. Being the first may be exciting in some people’s eyes but for me being the first is very hard. The first means you are the example maker and as Tupac said “All Eyes On Me”. The first is a hard position to hold up to and I agree with the artist Rockwell song from the 80’s titled “Somebody’s Watching Me”.
In God’s eyes it doesn’t matter who is first. God wants us to live a life pleasing to him, one that will bring Glory to God. I didn’t always do this in fact it took approximately 15 years from the time I was raised in church to accept the call and prepare to move forward in my God given destiny. You never know what it is really inside…

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