Descriptive Essay - My Family And A Great Home

1159 Words Mar 29th, 2015 null Page
On a Thursday evening coming home from school just another hot day in Moreno Valley as I lazily walked up the stairs to my room I suddenly was enabled to stand, so I laid down my bed feeling the sun light coming out the window burning my left side of my body. My sister Ana and her friend were next room right next to mine listening to their abhorrent lyrics they called music. A couple of months ago before moving into this gorgeous house the prefect home I always dreamt or any other kid who grew up in family of a working class getting the chance to live in a marvelous home the kind you see in movies. When my parents told me that we were moving a couple of miles away from where I used to live I didn’t understand the reason that all of the sudden I did not wanted to move away. From all the times I dreamt to get out of there and live in a perfect family and a great home. Nothing made sense at that time, but suddenly this sadly feeling and being numbed as I laid there on my bed all sweaty from the hot sun light coming from my bed room window it all started to make sense. Before moving to Moreno Valley that my family was pretty excited except me I used to live in small apartment in Long Beach and not in the astonishing side of Long Beach but in trivial place. My dad the person who the idea was to move away, who is infirm about himself not very strong as a person who would give up easily but loves his a family very much and as a man of the house I think he felted as he failed us…

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