Descriptive Essay : My Bright Gold Banger Of A Car

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Dating Tip #3

My bright gold banger of a car pulls up alongside a kerb crammed with lavish cars, all of which must be less than five years of age. Looking around I see my destination. Scaffolding conceals the crisp beauty of an old Victorian home near the Cotswolds that belongs to Derrick.

As the door opens to his newly decorated flat, the spices of Jerk Chicken and garlic tingles the hairs inside my pixie-like nose. Followed by falsified kisses I am invited in and the intoxicating aroma is as potent as walking into a department store where the shop assistant marks her territory with the new Eau de toilette.

I follow Derrick as he heads to the kitchen, where he blends the finest ingredients to make me a Bee’s Knee’s cocktail.

“Can you grab the playing cards from over on the far side of the bookshelf and we can have a game of Rummy whilst dinner is cooking” he suggests. I oblige, as a game of cards to break the ice was discussed a few nights before.
It shouldn’t have shocked me to be honest, but to my amusement, not only do I find the pack of ‘52’ regular playing cards, but also a pack of Karma Sutra cards along with other non-spoken about objects.

— However, going back to the cards…

I bet you can’t guess which ones I left on the shelf!

Now shuffling the deck of 52 cards, sat in front a large sun bleached rustic oak table, I gaze at the lime scented candle dribbling hot wax down the neck of its multi-coloured wax predecessors showing that this is not the first…

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