Descriptive Essay : ' Mouth Agape '

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Mouth agape, I lay on the blue, padded surgery table staring up eagerly at the ceiling. I was in a hospital gown for the first time, tugging and pulling at its edges as it left bits and pieces of skin exposed to the frigid room. Despite only being five, the feelings of fear and trepidation were replaced by ones of curiosity and wonderment. Question after question rapidly fired in my head as I waited: What was going to be done? How was I going to feel? Would there be much blood? And most importantly, how it will put an end to my most feared and hated treatment: The dreaded, frequent penicillin shots! I was excited and wondered if I would have the opportunity to see my tonsils after removal; I was told there were two of them!
Inquisitiveness has always been part of my character. Since adolescence, I always admired fundamental systems and their workings, in particular, the most complex of all, the human body. I have vivid memories of the day I was prepared for a tonsillectomy procedure, and it was not long after that my curiosity and desire to explore the human body, aided by a bit of familial guidance, was turned into sheer passion for medicine. Coming from an extended family of doctors and healthcare professionals, exploring the wonders of medicine has been a longstanding family tradition. Because of this, I believe my determination and enthusiasm to learn in combination with my work ethic, perseverance, diligence and leadership makes me a viable candidate for an internal…

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