Descriptive Essay : ' Mascots '

862 Words Oct 28th, 2015 4 Pages
A leopard-faced man stands at the far corner of the building. This isn’t the first sight I expected to find at my new high school. He leans against the wall with one of his legs kicked up like some sort of cowboy. Since this is a small Midwestern town and not Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, something suspicious is up. He raises his right hand to his whiskered snout as if deeply contemplating something. What curious thoughts would be on the mind of an animal man? Though he has been facing another direction the entire time I am certain his big green eyes are following me.
I look around to see if anyone has noticed the bizarre man, but most of the other students are walking to the entrance with their heads hung low. The end of summer shouldn’t be that distressing. A few shoot questionable glances my way as if I’m the strange figure out here. It’s like they’ve never seen a Latino kid before. Why did I have to be dragged from Des Plaines to this backwater town?
The leopard-faced man turns the corner and leaves. He even has a cute little tail that curves at the end. It must be the school mascot. Maybe there’s a school spirit assembly today or something. The suit looks expensive but dad had said Deckersville is an affluent town.
I take another minute to study the area. A set of multi-colored flowers spells out the town’s name near the entrance. The school itself is rather plain, an old brick building with two floors. The surrounding landscape is nothing but…

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