Descriptive Essay - Long Road Home

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Long Road Home

Names: Abiona (Mother) Born During a Journey Ainose (Father) No one is greater than God
Elo – (Daughter)

The bug crawls across my finger so slowly that I get sleepy watching it’s tiny legs crawl up my arm and onto my dirty dress. I get sleepy a lot anymore, though. Without food, I don’t have much energy. This morning I used a lot of my energy getting water for Mama. The bucket is heavy and my muscles are almost too tiny now to carry it all the way to the house. Opening my sleepy eyes, I see Mama sitting in the corner, cooking a handful of beans over a smoky fire. Good – the smoke will keep the flies away.

She looks tired too. The strangers in village must have worn everyone out. Everyone was talking about them today. Strange men who didn’t belong here, as old Bukunmi said. The wrinkled woman said mean things about them while grinding the maze her family found on the road home. I almost took some of it when she wasn’t looking, but Mama said to leave it – Bukunmi needs it more than we do. I didn’t think it was fair, but the woman is old. She probably does need more food.

Earlier today the odd men went around the village, going into peoples houses and talking with them. Many of our neighbors got mad and pushed them out, screaming some of the meanest things I’ve heard in a while. The taller one walked home with Baba from the fields and didn’t even ask if he could come into our house. He just walked in, dressed in his funny striped suit. Sitting down, he…

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