Descriptive Essay : Just A Blur

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Just a Blur Today was the day. My dad had been talking about this all season. As we walked up to the field before warm ups I was slightly more nervous than usual. They were our rivals. We had to win to prove we were the best softball team in our town. When we got to the field there were a few girls waiting for us. I sat down next to my best friend Sabrina, whose father was also a coach. We became great friends because of softball and because our dads were harder on us than anyone else on the team. When the rest of the team showed up we started warming up. We jogged down and back, did high knees, butt kicks, and every other kinesthetic warm up my dad could find online. By the time we finished them it was only seven o’clock. Time seemed to be going so slow. I just wanted the game to start.
We began to warm up our throws. Taking a step back after every other throw, the throws got worse. Our whole team either threw it over their partner’s head or was hitting their ankles. Some of the throws were so terrible even if a major league first baseman tried to catch it they could not reach it. My dad and the other coaches became frustrated. Coach Dave, Sabrina’s dad, began to scream. He called a huddle and we all sprinted into it. If we had not sprinted, we would have been running laps until the umpire said “play ball”. Coach Dave was more clam than I thought he was going to be. He explained how we needed to keep our elbows up and close our hips otherwise we would not have any…

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