Descriptive Essay - Happy Birthday

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“Happy birthday to you…” I roll onto my stomach in bed. Push my face into the pillow. Words are slowly making their way into my consciousness. But they are quiet, slow. Dreamlike. “Happy birthday to you…” Now onto my side. I pry my eyes open. I see my closet, desk, door. The door flings open and hits the wall with a bang. My mother is standing there with arms wide. “Happy birthday, dear Lindsay, happy birthday to you!” A groan involuntarily escapes me. My eighteenth birthday. I roll onto my other side. 8:12 AM, the alarm clock reads. Another groan. “Thanks,” I say.

I’m up and out of bed at 8:47 AM. The sound and smell of eggs frying travel up to my room. I drag myself downstairs after throwing on a big hoodie. As soon as I step foot in the kitchen, I zero in on the coffee. My mother looks at me from the stove and laughs.
“I didn’t expect you to actually get out of bed anytime soon,” she says.
“Well, you know,” I say, rubbing the sleep from my eyes while pouring myself a cup. “You did barge into my room and sing to me.”
“Minor details.” She smiles and comes to my side, locking me in an embrace. She bumps into my elbow and my coffee splashes onto the counter. “Oops.”
“God, mom.” I drag this out and she responds with a nudge and a Hey!, wiping the coffee up with a dish cloth.
She returns to the eggs and takes them off the heat, flipping them onto a plate. “What are the big birthday plans?” I never plan anything special. Usually, I’ve only ever done something with my best…

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