Descriptive Essay : ' Grandpa Bill '

1105 Words Feb 20th, 2016 null Page
My mother paced anxiously about our kitchen, telephone pressed firmly against her face; she was listening more than she was speaking. Clearly, this wasn’t the normal afternoon phone call with her friend Pat, discussing patients at work or idolizing Charles Barkley’s dreamy calves. Her facial expression appeared serious and cautious. While eavesdropping around the corner, I considered the possibilities of what was going on. Somehow I sensed that life, as I knew it, was about to change. At last, her phone call ended. After returning the phone’s handset to its dock, my mother turned to inform me: “I guess your Dad’s father will be coming to stay with us. He will be here soon and you can call him ‘Grandpa Bill’”. This was amongst the best news my 8-year-old ears had ever heard; and as I stood in our kitchen that warm summer day of 1993, I began to imagine my life, with a Grandpa.
Of all my friends, I was the only one who had never known a grandparent; I assumed all four of mine were dead. My dad was raised by his own grandparents, only seeing his father on sporadic occasions which generally ended in dysfunctional chaos. Of course, my parents were hesitant to allow Grandpa Bill to come stay with us, but felt they had no choice due to his recent medical problems, state of displacement, and a heavy burden of familial guilt. On the other hand, I optimistically planned for a relationship which would nothing short of magical. Lost time was going to be made up for, forgiveness would…

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