Descriptive Essay : Games And Gadgets

1396 Words Aug 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Games and Gadgets. Following the GPS directions to the downtown location was easier than expected. The building was tucked in the back corner of the shopping complex, but had visible gaming references from the street. This was because most of the windows were covered in gaming posters, and not only due to the large sign that stated “Games and Gadgets”. The large parking lot was not over flowing with cars but had a substantial amount of vehicles. This made it seem like the building inside would be a ghost town, and my expectations started to dwindle.
The thought that there would only be a few individuals at the location during a Tuesday afternoon was completely misguided. After walking in the flyer covered front door it was quickly apparent that the place was packed with gamer. There were a half dozen white fold out tables in front of me that were almost packed to the brim with game players. To my surprise the games being played in were not all the same game. There were sections of board games, card games, and figurine games around the room. While looking around the room aimlessly wasn’t getting me anywhere it was time to get permission to conduct my studies here.
The first individual who I interacted with was a store attendant named Scott. Scott was dressed averagely with a plain button up shirt, but it was interesting to talk with him. After introducing myself Scott wanted to show me all the types of games that were available in the store to play. Scott was extremely…

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