Descriptive Essay: Football In High School

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High school had been his private hell and now with the drama at home, life in general had become intolerable. The one thing he was thankful for was football. Being on defense, he was blessed with the ability to hit people on a regular basis. There was only one thing he disliked about football, although defense is critical in winning games, the defense was not as appreciated as the quarterback that could do no wrong. Trevor Lawrence, the bane of Alexander's existence, haunted him throughout high school.

A girl commented to her friends as Alexander passed them in the halls "Did you hear the real reason Lexi joined the football team?"

"Really? Why is that topic, so important the moment he walks by?" Replied one of the female recipients
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While her right hand was engaged in writing a note on a piece of paper.

"I am not removing you from the football team, but I feel I cannot let you play if you persist in neglecting your education." She paused as she read some of her notes in his file, "I have taken special consideration in your case, I have noted that your home life has taken a turn for the worse, is that correct?"

"It is not ideal, but whose life is?"

"Fair question, but I am not without sympathy. I feel you have too many distractions in your life and your education is suffering. I have also taken into consideration that football has been your coping mechanism for many years now, I can see your passion in the hits you deliver each Friday. Therefore, I have decided that you are to take on a tutor to help bring your academic track back on course. Be warned, however, should this compromise, on my part, be in vain, I will suspend you from football. Is this understood?" Topolsky lectured.

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am," Alexander smiled, then sighed in relief.

"Take this," she slid a piece of paper across her deck in Alexander's direct, "This is your appointment for your first tutor

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