Descriptive Essay - First Draft

1445 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
First draft It was a pretty nice day, and there was enough sunshine. The sunshine and warm temperature made me happy and calmed me down. I have called my interviewee previously for the reason of interview, and he invited me to his home it was pretty nice house in north of Edmonton . My interviewee 's name is Wu Xiang, and English name is XIANG. He is a IT engineer of Canadian west bank and immigrate from China to Canada two years ago he was a government officer before he came Canada but most surprise me is that he was a part time writer before. I first meet him at a reading club last year the same interesting and topic make us become good friend. I arrived at his room earlier than we appointed time. When I knocked the door, his wife opened the door and smiled at me, then I felt not very nervous than before knocking the door. Xiang wore a set of red casual cloth, because he is crazy about red color for everything, and he thinks the red color could bring luck.
We sit at opposite side and talked face-to-face in his living room. Before we started, his wife gave us two cups of tea that is a kind of traditional Chinese tea. That is one of same interesting I share with Xiang, it is a pretty good kind of beverage, not only for taste of it , the processes to drink it and the cultural behind on it really attract me in it. And then, I asked him how he started his writing life. He told me that it started in middle school in China, but it just simple writing that just described one…

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