Descriptive Essay Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been prevalent throughout history, quickly gaining a disheartening reality of popularity. It seems as though it has become an infinite epidemic. The same question still remains, though, for many. What is it like, and why can’t the victims just walk away without explanation to his or her abuser and without emotional attachment? It’s not as easy as it looks. Women who are in an abusive relationship often feel as if they deserve the abuse, rather it be mental, physical, or emotional. The abuser makes them feel worthless and insane using mind control such as verbal put-downs and violent threats which ultimately end in battering. Because she knows it has physically
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He’s like a ticking time bomb and he always has an excuse to why he went off. He may later apologize for such actions, or he may just blame her for “making” him act in such a way. She begins to doubt herself and even starts to believe the lies he feeds her. In many abusive relationships, the woman does truly love her abuser. She doesn’t understand how the man that she fell in love with has radically changed in demeanor and personality in whole. It’s as if he is now a completely different being then who she loved before. She cries herself to sleep every night and beds herself with the devil. She has lost everything she has ever achieved in her life. She feels unworthy and repetitively degraded. The hopelessness that has been planted into her life has grown into an overbearing weight and it torments her every waking (and dreaming) moment. Misery becomes her normal and she eventually gives up on ever feeling as she once did. The victim constantly has to lie to family members and friends in result of all the physical harm re-appearing on her body. When people start to get suspicious or ask further questions, the victim will often separate herself from the situation and sometimes ultimately cutting off all contact with those persons. Domestic violence often leads to death if not stopped. Intervening in this type of relationship is crucial to the battered victim. The intense magnitude of

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