Descriptive Essay : Disney 's Guest Assistance Card

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When considering a place to redesign I thought about Disneyland. During a trip two years ago I was able to enjoy Disney’s ‘magic.’ However, this course made me completely rethink the way not only environments function in terms of their purpose but also it made me particularly think about accessibility in Disneyland for children with physical impairments. I realized that the rides that I rode that day were not wheelchair accessible, more so it made me realize that Disney was not an inclusive nor a universally designed environment as one would expect. I originally wanted to focus on building the boats that take you on the Peter Pan Flight ride. I thought it would be great if all of the boats were wheelchair accessible. My design consisted of creating a two seat boats in which one can be lifted upwards and a wheelchair can be secured. Ideally, not only the rides would be wheelchair accessible but so would the park itself.
On October 9, 2013 Disney’s Guest Assistance Card [GAC] was replaced by a Disabled Assistance System [DAS] card. Disney Parks modified the GAC program, which provided access to attractions for guests with disabilities, with the DAS card to help control issues with fraud (Disney Parks Blog, 2014). The DAS card was designed to accommodate guests who weren’t able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability, including non-apparent disabilities (Disney Parks Blog, 2014). The cards are issued in the main entrance and families receive return…

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