Descriptive Essay: Dealing With Hostile People

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The Hostile Have you ever dealt with a hostile person in your life? If so, how did you deal with it? We all have encountered someone that is defined as a hostile person, and we each deal with these types of people throughout our lifetime in different types of ways and we know it’s not the easiest thing to deal with but each of us handle it in a peculiar way than others. Even is society we see hostile people in movies and we see how people deal with them, which is an excellent example that’ll possibly benefit us with our real life problems. A hostile person is someone who has very low personal dimensions of agreeableness, short fuse, cynical, mistrustful and very explosive and there are various signs of becoming a hostile person such as; high …show more content…
Over spring break my boyfriend when on a cruise to Florida for spring break, and I was stuck at home for spring break, which I didn’t want to be bored so I decided one night to hang out with my friends. There were two girls and two guys and we all went to see the movie “Get Hard” and went bowling later that night and I posted it on my snapchat. All of a sudden while I was bowling I got a text and it was from Drew. He was cussing me out saying “you shouldn’t be hanging out with other guys because Justin would like that”. I stood up for myself and told him to stay in his own relationship and that I got Justin’s permission before he left for the cruise. He started all kinds of drama that night for no reason which was a hard spot to put Justin in and he ended up not sticking up for me at all which made me furious, but I eventually got over it but still every now and then he’ll start some other kind of drama. All I have to remember is that he’s leaving for Florida in August and then he won’t be around

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