Descriptive Essay : Big Boss

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This wouldn 't last forever. They both knew it, they could always be just a few heartbeats away from the end of them.

But right now, Big Boss is on a mission somewhere in central Africa, far away from the Mother Base platform they stood on, salty wind blowing through their hair and making its way into their lungs.

It was ridiculous, two grown-ass-adults standing under a stairwell, drinking in the sight of each other.

Of Kaz, with his aviators slipping down his nose, revealing his eyes, reminding Ocelot of a deer in the headlights.

Ocelot 's hand curled into Kaz 's button-up, pulling him closer, refusing to let his breath stutter the way the other man 's does, audible only to his keen ears.

Ocelot knew humans, he knew the way they react to stimuli and the tell-tale, yet miniscule signs of arousal. The dilation of pupils, the breath stalling briefly before picking up a harsher pace, the gulping of the excess saliva being produced in mouths.

He knows those all too well, but on Kaz-

On Kaz, they 're the infuriating desire to cover the tongue peeking out to moisten his lips with his own, they 're the urge to drag his teeth over his pulse point to feel the thrumming there, caused by him.

He can just imagine it, the drawn out gasp he 'd make, the way his chest would heave ever so slightly-

Ocelot has to close his eyes for a second, the images swirling in his brain becoming harder and harder to picture instead of do.

"Ocelot," Kaz grits out, frustration seeping through…

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