Descriptive Essay: Atmosphere In Hockey

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It has a feeling an atmosphere like no other. It may look like just an ordinary grey pole barn from the pothole filled parking lot, but inside it's such an electrifying place. As I walk into the hockey rink it's like I can feel my head clear, it must be the frigid air. Fans fill the stands, children fill the locker room, and the love for the game fills the rink.

As the front door opens and you enter the cold stings your nostrils, and the sound of the buzzer rings your ears. From the stands you look out and in front of your eyes is a perfectly smooth sheet of ice with such a beautiful glossy finish to it. It's about game time. What does that mean? It means the calm before the storm hits. As the puck drops, the storm hits. Fans go crazy and
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The bleachers clear to the warming house, as the kids clear from the ice to the locker room to have pep talks from their coaches. After blades have cut through the ice for the past twenty minutes it is time for the ice to be zambonied. The sideboard doors are opened as the zamboni is getting revved up to go do its job. The ice goes from having a layer of ice shavings cover it, to having that perfect glossy finish again. Little ones line up against the glass boards to watch the man on the zamboni go around and around it circles. It's such a fascinating sight for little ones. You hear the questions start flowing out of their mouths just wondering how it works, and what it does.

A man that's all bundled up to face the cold frigid cold temperature returns to his seat directly in front of me. The smell of his buttery popcorn had my taste buds a watering, as the steam is flowing out of his coffee cup. Who he is I don't know, but I do know we share the same love for the game.

The clock is in its final seconds, fans are roaring and the bleachers are shaking. Three, two, one and the buzzer sounds. Fans of the winning team are cheering in victory and the other team are silent with heartbreak. The kids line up and high five the kids on other teams. The sound of those highfives is like music to my ears, these kids have such amazing sportsmanship skills. If only all the fans could be like that. The bleachers start to

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