Descriptive Essay About The Pageant

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“Macy!” my mother ordered. “That was my cue. I gotta go. I will see you later Lucy,” I said in a hurry. I went into the house and said, “What mom?”
“Macy! I told we have to pick out a shoes for you. Now let 's go.”
It was two days before the pageant, and mother already yelling at me. When we got into the store people were crying and laughing in there and I was with mom mother standing right in front of everyone looking like did not belong.
“Macy go with the lady she will help you”.
When I got to the changing room there was 10 shoes in there all ready just for me.The first one was yellow it was a 10 inch heel and, I hate them but I walked out where mom was waiting for me.
“Oh Macy those shoes looks beautiful on you”
“No”I said.
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Omg said my mom that is the most prettiest thing ever now let 's go find your necklaces
So we did I picked out a crystal necklaces it big and love and so did my mom payed and we left the store which felt we were in forever
When I got home feeling relieved I called Lucy to tell I got all my stuff and we could hang out that night she called right away and said that she couldn 't and she had to get her stuff for the pageant. Hang up the phone frustrated that she was busy. I wondered if there was anybody available that night. I called Rose to see if she was available to night. She said she was getting her stuff for the pageant. Agh why did everyone be BUSY!!!!
I did not really have to pick a bunch of stuff because I was already had my dress because the dress I was wearing was mom, mom award winning dress. So when everyone went to get there new dress I had the one that mom mom wore. So I had no one to hang out with so I went down and eat supper and then to bed. The next morning I woke to see my mom and grandma was in my room. Looking at my dress they saw I was awake and
Ready to win the pageant they both said
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The next morning the light was shining in my eyes and look up to see my grandma and mom yelling
Then I know official it was pageant day I first called Lucy
“Hello”said Lucy

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