Personal Narrative-City Creek Mall

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The traffic and chilly wind doesn’t look to discourage people from coming out to City Creek Mall. I took a seat near the fountain where everyone seems enthrall to. The millennial music playing in the background, combined with traffic honks booming in consumer’s ears. The wind caressing the trees, whispering melodies in our ears, and the leaves bid farewell to its mother. The sun parted way with the sky early today, leaving only gloomy clouds greeting the city.
I sit behind a group of young ladies schmoozing the day away. With their high heel boots, leather jackets, curled hair, and that latte cup they got at the cafe behind them, I instantly thought of typical white girls. These typical white girls are all over the mall, splurging their week’s worth of work, and do it again next week. They are very Fashionista, with similar styles, chic and trendy. The way they talk and laugh is also the same, exuding a valley girl type of vibe. Their tone is very dynamic, and high-pitched. Their laugh sounds kind of fake, and the same… Their self-conscious are very high, always checking on their hair and makeup. I made eye contact with one of the girls and she didn’t look that nice. She gave me a quick up and down glance, as if judging my outfit. The clothes they wear all look expensive. From their hair down to their shoes, everything looks
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Like the front stage back stage theory. Observing a social place can be tricky because when they’re aware of your presence, which is everyone I observed, they start to act kind of different. Like after the girls notice I was looking at them, they stopped checking on their face. I saw this guy eating Panda Express and he was trying to use the chopsticks, but he noticed I was staring so he stopped using it. It was super funny because he couldn’t use the chopsticks at all. Like he was holding it completely wrong trying to pick up the

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