Descriptive Essay About Ring Rings

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Ring, ring, ring as the door opens to see a customer walk into Firehouse Subs. “Welcome to Fire House,” says the workers, as they greet their customers with welcoming smiles on their faces. The customer is smiling and she is looking around at the white walls with firehouse attire displayed around the room as decoration. The girl saw pictures of firemen in pictures in the black picture frame, and actual fire jackets and hats hanging for display. She saw the white red counters in which the food would be placed for the runner to give to the customer. Square table with white and black pattern print all over with red chairs. After she finish admiring the décor in the restaurant they begin to browse the menu. In the meantime the employees are getting into their spots and waiting patiently for the customers to order at the cashier. “May I get a number five combo but with no onions and I want extra bacon,” says the girl first up to order at the register. “Sure, would you like that on white or wheat bread,” says the cashier. “White please,” says the girl. “Ok, would you like that sandwich medium or large,” says the cashier. “Medium please,” says the girl. “Alright that’s $8.99,” says the cashier. In the meantime Kevin is cutting the bread to put in the toaster and puts bacon in as well, while the manager is getting the meat ready to put in the steamers. As the customer is paying Kevin grabs the bread and starts preparing and putting together the desired…

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