Descriptive Essay About My Soccer Game Tomorrow

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Vocabulary coincide (v)- to occupy the same place in space or time
Your track meet will coincide with my soccer game tomorrow since they are scheduled for the same time. taut (adj)- having no give or slack; tightly drawn
When he pointed the taut rubber band at me, I knew that it was going to hurt. stifled (adj)- muffled or repressed
He tried to say something, but he was stifled from having a lot of popcorn in his mouth. submerge (v)- to go under water
The sinking boat slowly submerges into the depths of the sea.

Respond and Interpret
The narrator’s reaction did surprise me because he/she went into shock on what he/she heard from Rami. At the beginning, he/she says that Rami and him/her loved the sea, which was right beside the balcony. After the incident, he/she refused to go near the sea or balcony and just stayed isolated in his/her room.

a) Rami and the narrator’s relationship before Rami’s story was they were very close. They were always hanging out together, except for Christian holidays and Sundays. They did everything together, whether it was playing marbles or reading books. b) The factors that caused conflict between the narrator and Rami are the belief of either God having a house or not having a house. The narrator believes that God does not have a house, but God lives in heaven. Rami believes that God has a house in Bethlehem. The difference in these beliefs show how their bond gets weaker and how it affects the narrator.

a) Rami’s house in Bethlehem is…

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