Descriptive Essay About My Backyard

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Register to read the introduction… The snap of terrier jaws comes from across the lawn, and then the pitter-patter of little paws still chasing off mosquitoes. The persistent puppy is panting, and every now and then there is the sound of his tongue lapping up water from the bowl on the patio. The swaying tag on his collar clangs like a bell as it beats against the rim of the metal dish. I can hear the dying roar of the lawnmower and the scrape of the shed door being opened. From the direction of the garden comes the squeaky turn of the hose faucet and then the last few drops of water pattering onto the dirt. Moments later there is the slithering of the hose being wound up. Then a hum starts beneath my feet and the sprinklers begin to hiss. The spray of water pounds against the house windows. There is also the sound of ice cubes clinking inside the glasses of lemonade on my tray. However, all of these noises are almost drowned out by the vibrating of countless hidden cicadas. Nature's song is telling me that what I suspected is

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