Descriptive Essay About My Baby

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Register to read the introduction… My family woke up and was ready to head to town to go meet the new beautiful member of the family. The ride to town felt more like two hours rather than forty-five minutes. I watched the trees and bushes zip by as I peered out the window. The moment that I had been waiting for, for nine months had finally come. As we pulled into my brother’s driveway I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. I couldn’t wait to be an auntie. I walked into my brother’s house to find that the only people there were more of my siblings. They said that my brother and Erica were on their way home from the hospital right now. As I sat down on the wooden rocking chair covered with a scratchy wool blanket, all I could think about was how my niece or nephew would …show more content…
I woke up to the creaking sound of the door. I looked up and saw my brother carrying a car seat with a pink blanket draping down over the side. At that moment I knew it was a baby girl. My brother’s eyes twinkled with joy and he couldn’t stop smiling. My brother took her out of the seat and came into the living room to let us see her. He sat down on the couch and held her out on his legs so we could all have a good view. As I walked over to the couch I could see a little head with not very much hair. When I sat down on the couch beside my brother I just stared at the baby. She was so cute, her little eyes were closed and she had these tiny eyelashes that looked just perfect. Her nose was so petite it was like a little button; her cheeks had a dash of pink on them like a plum fresh off the tree. She had her lips puckered up and they were red and had a lot of shape to them. I drew my face close to hers to give her a kiss on the head. She smelled so good and fresh. I couldn’t help but smile, tears ran down my face uncontrollably. I was so excited to have this little person in my life. At that moment, nobody else mattered it was like all of my focus was on her and everyone else in the room was blocked out. As I stared at her beautiful little face, I felt an enormous amount of love. Even though I didn’t even know her, I instantly loved her. Moments later, I stopped

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