Narrative Essay About Mexico Vacation

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Mexico vacation

On November 23, 2016 my friend's whole family and my whole family were getting ready for a relaxing vacation in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. We all had to wake up at about 8:00 a.m so we wouldn’t be late for our flight. After we all woke up we all got into the cab with all our luggage and drove away to the airport. We landed at about 12:30 p.m, caught a cab and drove right away to check into heaven (our hotel) called Sheraton. In the hotel it was exactly like heaven, with four pools, a nice warm beach, three restaurants, a basketball court, and even a spa. So after we put all our luggage in our three rooms we switched to bathing suits and with no hesitation we ran to the pools. The next day we were mostly all day at the hotel.
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We rented a boat and someone to drive it even though we really wanted to self drive it. Then we set sail and all of the kids were on the front of the motor boat feeling the air slice through our bodies. After 20 minutes of sailing we stopped in front of a huge rock that was sliced in half. We stopped where all the motor boats were, put the snorkel gear on, jumped into the water, and started snorkeling in the beautiful sea with all the weird and amazing fish. We saw a school of fish and we even saw a narrow fish, as narrow as a stick. After we snorkeled, we went to the beach in front of where we snorkeled but we didn't stay there for long because then we had to leave. The fourth day was the best day of all the days that we were in Mexico, it was the day we all went ziplining except for my youngest sister Maayan who is 4 years old. After the instructor instructed us on how to zipline, we started ziplining on 14 ziplines! The first two were easy, but the next 12 were really cool. There was even one that was 1700 ft and 150 ft long. After the ziplining we slid on the slide into the cold lake, and there were two slides so we went on both of them. Afterwards we came back to the hotel and played in the pool as

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