Crystal Arellano

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On February 10, 2005, a girl was born and it was about 5 am when she entered this world. Her name was Crystal Arellano. That’s me! My life story should be interesting because I'm going to talk about my childhood, my family and how my future will look like.
Being born on February 10 makes my zodiac sign an Aquarius. I am a very curious person and very creative so the characteristics of an Aquarius suits me very well. Although one characteristic of an Aquarius that does not suit me would be the tendency of being distracted, I am a very focused person but other than that trait, the characteristics of an Aquarius is pretty accurate.
My dad named me since my mother got to name my other three siblings.
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Before I was born, my family moved into a bigger house so we all can have our own room. It's my mom’s habit to always give Gerber Banana to her newborn. My favorite doll was a light pink rag doll that my mom gave me as a baby but then I outgrew that doll and was in love with a Curious George stuffed animal that my dad bought me. The Curious George doll was practically the same size as me. I would take him everywhere I went and that doll is in every baby picture. Since I loved that doll, you can bet that I loved the cartoon too. My two favorite cartoons were Dora the Explorer and Curious George. My eyes were stuck to the TV as long as those shows were on. I was so tired of seeing teddy bears everywhere and not having Dora and Curious George in my room, I wanted a room makeover. I was only 4 years old and I was already thinking I was too old for teddy bears. My dad changed my curtains to Dora and my bed sheets to Curious …show more content…
I was one year old and wearing a really cute dress but I was walking like Godzilla. My hands were up in the air and I was laughing the whole time. My eyes were so big they could have popped right out, I practically looked picture-perfect. Its like I knew I was being taped.
My favorite blanket is still a blanket I use. Before I wrote this, I didn't know it was a blanket I used. I thought it was some ordinary blanket my mom bought from the store. How cool though. That blanket has been with me for 12 years. The blanket is pink with printed yellow ducks. It’s only long enough to cover my legs but I still use it.
My first Christmas was also taped. My dad was a photographer, always videotaping. My sister and my brothers were making ornaments to hang on the tree. I was drawing on a tiny Mickey Mouse stocking to hang on the tree as well. We still hang all of our perfect masterpieces on the tree every Christmas.
I wasn’t sure what was my first favorite song so I went to ask my brothers. They quickly said, OMG Usher. When they said that, that’s when I started to remember all the times I annoyed them with that song on repeat. My dad got me this tiny purple MP3 player for Christmas and I remember repeating that same song over and over every

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